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ENERECO at Solarexpo 2009 – Verona Fair May 7th-9th, 2009
SOLAREXPO, important international exhibition and conference on renewable energy and distributed generation, is at its 10th edition this year.
ENERECO srl will take part in this fair this year too celebrating this event with an advertisement campaign of strong impact: STAYING ALIVE.

5 solar projects get $4 million in grants

Bright future for solar power sector
CHINA'S aim to become a major global player in solar power has been boosted by a new subsidy program that will help cut the cost of attaching cells to rooftops and fill a manufacturing gap from declining demand from abroad.

Australian government provides $1.2 Million to support installation of solar panels in Adelaide
Australian Government has announced more than $1.2 million to Adelaide for the installation of solar panels at the Detroit Diesel building at the Keylink Industrial Estate, Rundle Lantern and the Adelaide Central Market. A 50 kilowatt (kW) BP Solar photovoltaic system will be installed at the Detroit Diesel building in the Keylink Industrial Estate, generating about 70,000 kW hours of renewable energy a year, the equivalent of 20% of the Detroit Diesel Australia building’s total power needs.

A Climate for Renewables: How Solar PV can Become a Major Source of Europe's Electricity Supply
Though a lot of tasks still lie ahead, the photovoltaics industry has come a long way in recent years. And even though the arguments in favour of a major role for PV in European electricity supply are well worn, Anton Milner explains why it is important to keep on repeating this message.

China Takes Steps To Rebalance Its Solar Industry
As Jin Baofang, the Chairman of the Board of the Jinglong Group, a Chinese solar energy company and a delegate to the National People's Congress, recently said of the relationship between the Chinese economy and the economies of large consuming nations: "when nations that are large consumers sneeze, our manufacturers immediately catch a cold."

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