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Gallium Arsenide [GaAs]
Chemical compound with typical electrical features of semiconductors. It is employed to produce very high efficiency cells, though usually limited to space uses for its considerable costs of production.

Process of gas production (usually hydrogen) executed by the electrolyte in an accumulator subject to Equalization recharge (see). The gasification reduces the difference of density (especially in the batteries) developed particularly at a high altitude, therefore solving the problem of Stratification (see).

Gel-type battery
Lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte is composed of a silica gel matrix.

Process which moves away from the cell the residual elements (iron, chrome, etc.) resulting from the processes of silicon growth and cut of wafers from the ingot.

Global insolation
Total irradiance received from a solar device depending on the sun, the atmosphere clearness and the general environment conditions.

Global irradiance
Sum of the three components of solar irradiance: direct, diffused and reflected.

Network of transmission lines, substations, distribution lines and transformers used by central power systems

Grid-connected (PV system)
A PV system in which the PV array acts like a central generating plant, supplying power to the grid.

Ground loop
An undesirable feedback condition caused by two or more circuits sharing a common electrical line, usually a grounded conductor.