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Thin silicon slice (250 350 thousandths of mm of thickness) made by sawing the ingots produced by melting scrap silicon of the electronic industry. It is a component of the PV cell.

Watt [W]
Unit of electric power. One Watt is the power developed or absorbed in a circuit fed by a current of 1 Ampere across a potential difference of 1 Volt. It is equal to 1/746 of Horsepower (HP).

Watt-hour [Wh]
Unit of energy. It is equal to a continuous output of 1 Watt per hour.

The shape of the curve graphically representing the change in the AC signal voltage and current amplitude, with respect to time.

Wind Energy
The kinetic energy of wind converted into mechanical energy by wind turbines (i.e., blades rotating from a hub) that drive generators to produce electricity.