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Polyvinyl fluoride. Material by DuPont employed in sheets to assemble PV modules for its peculiar humidity-proof features.

Termination box
See: Junction box.

Thin film
Technological product employing a very thin layer of semiconductor materials for the realization of PV cells.

Tilt angle
See: Angle of inclination.

Tracking array
An array that is mounted on a movable structure that attempts to follow the path of the sun. Some tracking arrays are single axis while others are dual.

Turnkey price
Price of an installed photovoltaic system excluding VAT/TVA/sales taxes, operation and maintenance costs but including installation costs. For an off-grid photovoltaic system, the prices associated with storage battery maintenance/replacement are excluded. If additional costs are incurred for reasons not directly related to the photovoltaic system, these are excluded. For example if extra costs are incurred fitting PV modules to a factory roof because special precautions are required to avoid disrupting production, these extra costs are not included. Equally the additional transport costs of installing a telecommunication systems in a remote area are not included.